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Sherpa Teardrop Trailers

Celebrating the Spirit of American Adventure

At Sherpa, we create more than just trailers; we craft mobile havens for adventurers. Inspired by the unwavering spirit of the Sherpa Guides of the Himalayan mountains, our teardrop trailers are designed to face any road and shelter you from the elements.

Our trailers are built for the bold, sturdy enough to traverse all terrains, from smooth highways to rugged back roads and gravel paths. Lightweight yet durable, they are easy to maneuver by hand with the included wheeled tongue jack. Where larger RVs fear to tread, Sherpa Trailers blazes a trail, providing access to landscapes unspoiled by the usual throngs of tourists.

Yet our commitment doesn’t end with creating exceptional trailers. We’re investing in the American dream. Each Sherpa trailer is meticulously crafted right here on home soil in Montana, by a dedicated team of hardworking Americans. This team includes proud veterans who have served our country and now continue to contribute to its strength and prosperity. Our products are proudly 100% ‘Made in the USA’, a testament not only to our national pride but also to our commitment to our roots and our people.

By choosing Sherpa, you’re not just investing in a world-class trailer, you’re honoring the dedication and skill of American workers, including those who have selflessly served our nation. Your support helps create jobs, fuel local economies, and upholds the spirit of American craftsmanship.

As you embrace the Sherpa way, you’re not just enjoying the great outdoors, you’re also supporting the nation we call home. Experience the joy of wanderlust, secure in the knowledge that every mile you traverse strengthens the fabric of our country.

Together, we can keep the spirit of American craftsmanship alive and thriving. Embrace the Sherpa way — where every journey celebrates the American dream and fuels the adventures that make it a reality.

Teardrop Trailer Camping
USA Made Teardrop Trailers
Bigfoot Off-Road Teardrop Trailer

Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer

A true go anywhere teardrop trailer. Extra sturdy, lifted, full suspension, and all terrain tires.

Yeti Urban Teardrop Trailer

Yeti Teardrop Trailer

Built for road travel, yet comfortable adventuring off the pavement, the perfect roadtrip companion.

Expedition Off Road Cargo Trailer

Expedition Trailer

The Expedition cargo trailer is our real Sherpa, hauling your gear anywhere your tow vehicle can go.

Teardrop Trailer Accessories

Trailer accessories

Add a porch, awning, roof racks, heating, cooling, bunk beds, solar, water storage and more…