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Sherpa Trailers can add the options below to your Teardrop Trailer order. The offered list of options is constantly expanding. Please speak with one of our sales representatives if you have any questions.

Standard Body Style (Only Compatible with a 23" x 37" Rear Door Option)

Fair And Square Body Style

Ridgeback Body Style


Professionally mounted.

(Requires Two Bar Roof Rack.)
Price: $400.00

Cubbyhole Storage

You need additional storage, we have a great solution with this option.

(included with the Offroad.)
Price: $300.00

Kayak Mount

(Requires Two Bar Roof Rack.)
Price: $100.00

Optional Window with Screen

Sized 24″ x 14″ Screened slider.
Price: $200.00

Rear Door

Sized 23″ x 37″. 
Price: $395.00

Large Rear Door

Sized 45″ x 40″. 
* Only compatible with Ridgeback,
Fair and Square Yeti and Bigfoot models. Too large for Standard model.
Price: $500.00


Tongue Box

Extra storage to keep things dry and organized. Made in USA. Measurements – approx.
48″w X 32″deep X 18″h 
Price: $445.00

Diamond Plate Rock Guard

Not needed with tongue box.
Price: $150.00

Spare Tire (unmounted)

For Yak and Yeti trailers.
Price: $100.00

31" Black Wheel/Tire Upgrade

31″ Black Wheel/Tire Upgrade
for Yak and Yeti trailers.
Price: $420.00

Unmounted Spare Tire for Offroad

Unmounted Spare Tire for Offroad.
Price: $295.00

15" Black Wheel/Tire Spare

For Yak and Yeti trailers.
Price: $165.00

15" Black Wheel/Tire Upgrade

For Yak and Yeti trailers.
Price: $123.00

Jeep Style Fenders

Installed and sold as pair (2).
Easier loading of your roof accessories.
Price: $250.00


Carpeted shelf, 2 ft. deep x width of trailer – maximum of 2 bunks.

Price: $80.00 / each

Rear Cabinets

Rear Cabinet offers convenient storage.

Price: $290

Rockpal Solar Generator

520WH/140400mAh built-in lithium battery powers all your small to medium size devices with over 1000 cycles, perfect for longer camping trips, backyard parties, or on-the-go power in case of an emergency power outages (only the DC ports support pass-through charging). With the DC converter you can run a cpap machine up to 4 days. 

(Includes Generator, Solar Panel & DC Converter & 12-volt interior light)

Price: $700

Mounted Propane Tank

Easily take propane on your adventure. 
Price: $175

Waterport Pressurized Water Tank/Spray Unit

SELF PRESSURIZING The Day Tank™ takes the hassle out of manually pressurizing water by conveniently absorbing the water pressure from your house. Simply plug your garden hose into the tank’s quick connect and your Day Tank™ will automatically pressurize as it fills. 

Price: $270 

Tailgate Table

Requires Rear Door and Bunk System.

Price: $225.00

Side Fan

Side Fan for extra air circulation

(Will need a power source.)

Price: $150


Front Runner Table

Mounted side table with slide out table extension.

(Must be mounted on a side without a window.)

Price: $275.00 

Rock Lights

Rock Lights 

(Requires Rockpal Solar Generator.)
Price: $80

Maxx Coupler Articulating Hitch

Maxx Coupler Articulating Hitch

Price: $500.00



Two Bar Roof Rack

Two Bar Roof Rack Installed.

(kayak mount, awning, & cargo curt basket all require this roof rack to be installed. Each sold separately.)
  Price: $250.00

Cargo Basket for 2 bar Roof Rack

Requires simple roof rack

Price: $190

Curt Basket Roof Rack and Extension

Curt Basket Roof Rack extends traditional Curt Basket to 59″ x 37″.

(Requires Two Bar Roof Rack.)
Price: $270.00